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There are 23 articles in our Auckland news and views section. If you'd like to search for a particular type of article, please use the box above, or simply browse through our articles directory.

Hug beats slap with bidders

Online bidding for a Christchurch man's 60-second-or-less Comfort Hug hit $100 last night as word of "Hamish the Hugger" spread nationwide.

Hamish Middleton, 29, of Riccarton, yesterday declared himself as the mystery man selling a non-sexual, human-to-human hug through internet auction site TradeMe.

Middleton is a youth support worker who cares for children battling depression and suicidal tendencies. He said the auction was launched as a fun way to get people thinking about those around them who might need a hug.

"There are a hell of a lot of families out there who don't even hug their kids any more ....

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