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Auckland, New Zealand's City of Sails, is a crackerjack part of this stunningly beautiful country. From romantic beaches to modern city bustle, Auckland has a huge range of places to visit and enjoy. We live in the city, and have the low-down on all the best accomodation, places to eat, cool cafes and bars, and shops where you can part with your cash in return for some fabulous and unique gifts. Check out our travel section for details of how to get to Auckland, and info for a brief history of the city and New Zealand generally (including th e latest weather). And if that's not enough, our play section will put you on the right track if you're looking for some extra entertainment and fun! Finally, if you're confused by the Maori tongue or the Kiwi drawl, there's also a brief guide to the island's language, plus local news, a map of Auckland to get you sorted, and a culture page to put it all in perspective!

You'll find a bunch of information on the site which will help you plan your trip, and keep you up to date with all the best places to visit once you're in the city itself.

We really value your comments, and would really appreciate hearing from you - whether you'd just like to share your thought about the city, or have a recommendation of some "special place" we've overlooked, just contact us and let us know!

See you in the city (or in the bars, more likely!)

The Auckland Life Team

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